North-India Regional 125th Birth Anniversary celebrations of Sri Sri Thakur

North-India Regional 125th Birth Anniversary celebrations of Sri Sri Thakur to be held at Ramlila Maidan, New Delhi, India on Sunday the 24th February, 2013. Acharyadeva Sree Sree Dada with his family expected to attend the utsav. — at Ramlila Maidan.

The Message

The booming commotion
of Existence
that rolls
in the bosom of the Beyond,
evolves into a
thrilling rhyme
and upheaves
into a shooting Becoming
of the Being
with echoes
that float
with an embodiment of Energy that
is Logos,
the Word —
the Beginning !

He, the Word-the Source of Creation—
manifests Himself
with all His properties
into all that hath manifested,—
but the Beyond
comprehended Him not—
though He shineth in the bosom
of the Beyond !

It is Energy
which lies
in the embodiment
of Word that remains
as He is—
though manifesting Himself
into all
that was created—
That is God,
That is Word,
That is Divine !

The thrill of Existence which occurs
due to Apathy and Sympathy
for What lies Beyond,
is a stream of Will
that tends to make the Word
to become conscious
in manifesting Himself into many
like Him albeit unlike—
by their mutual impulses,—
one round the other !

Beyond is what intervenes
to make
the manifestations
unlike, different and discrete,
though the Affinity
that lies under,
tends always to make
all to be One !

The inter-action of
manifestations of Word
in the Beyond
makes the unlike, different
and discrete,
instinct with life—
from fine to gross ;—
thus the Divine creates Himself
into life
surrounded with blood and flesh
which are enlivened too !

In such a way,
different, discrete—
finer and grosser
blood and flesh are manifested ;—
blood and flesh
are embodied with life
as beings, as creatures—
from which Man comes forth
by degrees ;—
discrete individuals with
other phenomena
become the environment
of every individual,
and make it awaken,
in life and consciousness
with the thrust of impulses
from mutual affinity :
while on the other hand
He, the Word
became Supreme Being,
the Father to the manifested
and The Individual
who comes forth
with sympathy and love
for the Supreme Being,—
at the crying call
of panic-stricken sufferers,
becomes the Beloved God in flesh—
the Divine,
the Ideal,—
The Way to rescue !

Only then recedes the Beyond
when, sympathy invokes love—
to make one attached to Him
by Whom
Being and Becoming
is accelerated ;—
and then
knowledge appears
with an
illuminating zeal !
And knowledge shines
redeems the Being to accelerate
fulfilling in a concord
the Ideal, individual
and environment,—
towards Becoming—
towards a superior Becoming
with a gradually unfolding
of the Father
by service and surrender
unto the Beloved !
And when rapping’s on
he thrilling tension
of attachment to the Beloved
due to the thrust of environment
and complexes—
discretely and collectively,—
the impressions rebound
and set in the individual—
according to sympathy and apathy,—
with a tremor of sensation
into resultants,
and are adjusted
with a solution
tending towards his interest ;—
thus knowledge grows—
with a gradual generalization
of experiences
into a subtler and subtler harmony
of the individual,
the Ideal and wisdom ;
In this way—
as varieties of rapping
diminish gradually,
the individual
plunges into the Beloved
through a grand generalization of
wisdom !